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Gary Kaplans Travels with a Need to Help

Gary Kaplan is a businessman from Brooklyn, NY, who relocated to Costa Rica in the 1990s. This move was in pursuit of his love for travel, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship. He has always had a passion for children, and this is one of the things that motivated him to start the HG Kaplan Foundation

One of the first charitable projects that he participated in was assisting families from Costa Rica who got displaced by catastrophic mudslides. He helped in rebuilding their homes and providing funds to cater to basic needs. Through the HG Kaplan Foundation, Gary provides mentorship and monetary resources to assist children from underserved and underprivileged communities.

Gary Kaplan’s Love for Travel Inspires His Philanthropy

In his early adulthood years, Gary loved to travel all over the world in hopes of knowing life beyond New York. During his travels to places such as Zambia, Africa, he would notice how women and children would travel miles from their homes to get basic needs such as water. This was a shock to him and, at the same time, heart-breaking to imagine that there were still people out there struggling to get basic needs at this time and age.

As a businessman, Gary is used to identifying problems and finding solutions. So, to him, these challenges in the communities were simply problems that needed fixing. His mind would automatically devise plans in hopes of fixing the issues. This is what led him to start the charitable foundation. Though he could not help everyone, he at least gave hope to some.

Primary Focus of the HG Kaplan Foundation

Gary uses a solution-focused approach to lead the HG Kaplan Organization, among many other foundations. The main programs of the foundation include:

  • Health education program
  • Bed and basic food
  • Clinic projects
  • Daycare center

Health Education Program

The health education program provides lessons in hygiene, safety, health, and nutrition. This protects children from illnesses and gives them a chance to grow into healthy adults. In addition, through this program, children at risk get emotional support, instilling a sense of trust and love in them.

Bed and Basic Food

The foundation strives to provide basic needs to underprivileged families and children. For example, they build beds for children, improving their quality of life and health. In addition, they have partnerships with grocery chains to provide water and food to these families.

Clinic Projects

Through the HG Kaplan Foundation, Gary rolled out a clinic project in Costa Rica, just near his family home. The foundation later converted the clinic project into a library and recreation center for the community. This was only after they realized that the community no longer needed the clinic.

Daycare Center

One of the issues leading to poverty is that some parents cannot work since they have small children to care for and cannot afford daycare services. The foundation provides daycare services, allowing parents with young children to find work and thus elevating poverty to some extent.

Gary Kaplan’s Can Change Communities!

Gary Kaplan’s will to help has helped economically underserved communities access the essential resources needed to improve their quality of life and live happily. Most of these philanthropic services can get attributed to his excellent entrepreneurship skills and the ability to organize and prioritize tasks. Kaplan has a way of bringing the economically impoverished to a more stable place with the help received from Th HG Kaplan Foundations\

Innovation, solidarity, integrity, and honesty are some of the solid pillars, which have kept Gary and the HG Kaplan Foundation successful all these years. Every penny is essential in making a positive difference in the community.

Gary Kaplan and Richelieu Dennis Have Similar Philosophies

A similar brand to Gary Kaplan’s philanthropy travels is Richelieu Dennis and Sundial Brands. Rich Dennis philanthropically supports everyday causes. Many young black female entrepreneurs, as well as many underserved nations around the world, have been helped by Rich Dennis and his efforts.

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