How Small Businesses Can Thrive With HaulerHub


The one area that distinguishes big businesses from small businesses is profitability. With their extensive financial resources, big companies can marshal product designers and marketing professionals to help them gain bigger shares in the current and new markets. This leaves small businesses at a competitive disadvantage because they lack the resources to reach a large market.

But, HaulerHub gives small businesses a lifeline, a fair chance to compete with the big players, through its logistic management services. HaulerHub is a Brooklyn-based logistics and transportation business that enhances communication between the producers and other logistic parties involved. In this way, at a small 3PL fee, a small business can reach its haulers scattered worldwide, enlarging its market and revenue.

The Benefits of Using HaulerHub for Your Logistics

Getting your products to the preferred destinations across the globe has never been easier. See the benefits you stand to enjoy while using HaulerHub for your freight logistics.

1. It’s Convenient

The HaulersHub platform is accessible to you via phone or PC, and you can get on it from any location, at any time. Registering your freight is easy too. You specify the destination, what you’re transporting, and based on their capacity and service capability, haulers bid on your shipment. You then choose the best-suited hauler and the shipping process starts immediately.

2. It’s Peaceful

With all the pressures and stresses that come with running a business, some relief coming your way would be welcome. Knowing that your freight is en route to the preferred destination, and in safe hands gives you peace of mind. Also, knowing that you can keep track of it any time of the day is reassuring.

3. It’s Cheaper

Hiring HaulerHub and only paying a standard 3PL fee is much easier and cheaper than putting together a freight team and getting them the resources they need. With HaulerHub, you only negotiate with the interested parties and settle on a fee. After paying it, that’s it, and you will not be asked to pay any hidden fees.

4. It’s Efficient and Effective

HaulerHub gets the job done. It connects the shippers with the best-suited haulers based on their individual needs, ensuring that the items reach their destination safely, fast, and at the lowest prices.

5. It’s Fast

Shipping tends to be slow when you’re doing it all by yourself because the process of finding a suitable hauler becomes extensive. You have to request quotes, negotiate, do paperwork, and keep track of the hauler’s progress.

But, with HaulerHub, it’s easy to get the haulers specializing in providing the shipping needs you need. Also, since you get many offers, you don’t have to get through tireless negotiations to find a hauler that suits your budget. Once you agree on the price, you can plan the delivery with minimal paperwork.

6. It’s safe

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven the incredible toll a global event can have on a business’ value chain if it lacks the resources to maintain operations. It has also brought up new safety guidelines businesses must follow to protect themselves and their employees. Since these guidelines and measures can be expensive to maintain, the best alternative is to connect with a system of already equipped haulers. HaulerHub is the platform to ensure that your business continues to operate even in times of uncertainty.

Choose HaulerHub

Get on HaulerHub to avoid the expensive, time-consuming, and draining process of dealing with intermediaries. At only a minimal fee, haulers on HaulerHub can connect you with your worldwide clients, giving your business a fair chance at competing globally.

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