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Infinite CBD’s Nano Technology: The Future of Human Nutrition


The Infinite CBD website sports an incredibly simple, but dynamic user experience. One of the many features that make it easy for the CBD veteran to quickly shop and at the very same time give support to the CBD novice is the product category sections that Infinite CBD has created and laid out near the top of the homepage. Some of the titles for Infinite CBD product categories include Best Sellers, Capsules, Gummies, Topical, and even CBD for your pet. Most shoppers will be able to gain a basic level of understanding just by reading the word chosen to highlight each category, but there is one near the end of the line-up referred to and highlighted as Nano products

You think Nano, you automatically think ‘small’, (others might think ‘if my grandmother is named Nana, then I guess my Nano would be my…?) but, back to the word ‘small’.  What would be the good in Infinite CBD naming an entire category for something that just says to the average consumer ’small CBD’? Though ‘nano’ may  very well represent something ‘small’, that is only a tiny part of the magic behind this big-time, and best-selling set of products that Infinite CBD calls Nano CBD. But, what is Nano CBD, how did it come about, and why does it have Infinite CBD customer’s raving about these tiny drops, or a tiny shot, or a simple liquid with life-enhancing abilities?

What is Nanotechnology? And Why CBD?

Nanotechnology is used in the practice of manipulating or shrinking a single particle or many at once in hopes of reducing their original size to such a minuscule level that it allows the human body to soak in the particles much more efficiently and so quickly you might think Danica Patrick was driving each of them into your body to be absorbed. 

I know that you’re thinking what I’m thinking and that the 1989 Rick Moranis-driven American hit comedy classic Honey, I Shrunk the Kids was also a science fiction movie and therefore not really a thing that scientists could actually do. Shrink people to the size of a blade of grass, what will they think of next? But here and today there are laboratories in a city near you, scientists are not shrinking people on the whole, but the cannabis industry has been using this technique on hemp and marijuana products to curtail users who have been increasing their dosage to best their growing tolerance as the years go on. Consumers, through nanotechnology, are consuming less than they did at the beginning and feeling better than ever before. 

From Big Pharma to Nano CBD

Have you swallowed a horse pill that took an hour to bring you relief lately? The practice was common thirty years ago, but with the pharmaceutical world being the very first industry to employ this technique, ‘fast-acting’ and ‘extra strength’ seem to come in a tinier and tinier pill with more giddy-up and faster relief these days. Now, other industries, just like the CBD industry are utilizing the same techniques to offer their customers more ease and faster comfort. That is exactly what Infinite CBD set out to do when looking into using nanotechnology in a part of their product line-up.

Infinite CBD prides themselves on the purity of their cannabinoids. When it comes to nano CBD products, it’s all about ‘bioavailability’. That big science term simply refers to the amount of the substance that is introduced to the body that can actively be absorbed and get to work on its mission to help you. With nano CBD, the bioavailability of the CBD goes up and off the charts. This technology basically allows us to put superpowers inside your (much smaller to ingest) CBD products which will absorb at newer, more lightning-like speeds, will begin to take effect much faster.

The Infinite CBD Nano CBD Product Line

The Nano products Infinite CBD currently sells are the NANO Enhancer, Nano CBD Shots, NANO Freezing Point Cream. This is how they appear on the Infinite CBD website. Notice the transparency and those review ratings.

NANO Enhancer

4.4-star rating

48 Reviews

Add NANO CBD Enhancer to any and everything you enjoy most.

Enhance your everyday experience with this water-soluble Nano CBD dropper. 

With Nano CBD Enhancer, your body is able to absorb the most CBD possible to get you the help you need when you need it.

Our team does not recommend taking Nano Enhancer directly as it can be extremely bitter. Dilute into your favorite products to take your health one step further.

  • 900mg Nano CBD Isolate
  • 1.5mg Per Drop
  • 1oz / 30mL
  • True Nanotechnology
  • Made from Hemp – Grown and Refined in Colorado
  • Natural Ingredients

How do I use it?

Add a few drops of NANO CBD Enhancer to any of your existing favorite products.


4.3 star rating

42 Reviews

Expect more from your health.

The two currently available CBD shots:

Nano Energy 

Nano Rest

This blend of natural energizers will help anyone kickstart their endeavors with a comfortable boost. Nano Energy Shots are extremely portable for any activity or destination.

  • 10mg Nano CBD Isolate
  • 1oz
  • Citrus Punch
  • Made from Hemp – Grown and   Refined in Colorado
  • Natural Ingredients

How do I use it?

Shake up your NANO Detox Shot and enjoy!

NANO Freezing Point Cream

4.7 star rating

33 Reviews

Nano-enhanced cooling cream.

Nano CBD has allowed Freezing Point to reach the highest bioavailability. This product is crafted to meet the needs of those who participate in strenuous activity on a regular basis and need a quick recovery.

  • 1,000mg Nano CBD Isolate
  • 8oz / 236mL
  • Nanotechnology
  • Made from Hemp – Grown and Refined in Colorado
  • Natural Essential Oils

How do I use it?

Massage in the desired amount of cream topically to the skin.

The Good, the Bad, the Bitter, and the Baby Steps 

The good news is due to solubility differences between Infinite CBD’s traditional isolate and the nano, so depending which you are utilizing at the moment, you get to choose from a variety of different methods in which to take each and the products they can be added to also changes in an effort to keep from separation.   The nano CBD is water-based and a surfactant is added to the isolate in order to create the tinier version. Variety is most certainly the spice of life and the spice of Infinite CBD.

The math works pretty much on point when it comes to serving size of each product as well. Though, you can’t assume that 5 milligrams of the regular isolate will provide the same reaction to that of the same amount of nano CBD. Since the regular isolate is made of the bigger particle, our bodies are only able to truly absorb up to 15% of it, while the same amount in the nano would give our bodies the chance to absorb up to 90% of the effectiveness of nano CBD because the particle is tiny and can move more effectively through the body. The nano will be far more thoroughly absorbed than the regular sized isolate.

So for every five milligrams of traditional isolate I need for the CBD to be effective, I only have to take one milligram of Infinite CBD’s nano CBD? It sounds like a no brainer, right? Nano takes down the traditional isolate with one punch at the beginning of round one, ladies and gentlemen. 

But… there could be a slight hiccup. You have to think of the nano CBD as the ‘extra-strength’ option. Are new to the CBD landscape, have only used the products for a short period of time and perhaps find yourself prone to nausea? If so, then beginning with the nano CBD might be a little tough, though some find it very easy to bypass the isolate altogether and proceed directly to the nano CBD with no issue at all. Most consumers find that they enjoy both the classic isolate and the nano intermixed, each providing specific times and places where they are preferred.  If you are a CBD novice, you might find it easier to begin with the traditional CBD isolate, allowing your body to become familiar with cannabinoids. Soon after your body has adjusted, you can begin throwing back the tiny bits of extra-strength goodness that are packed in the nano CBD to which a seasoned cannabis-user would much more quickly and easily adjust. 

For new CBD users who want to start out with Infinite’s classic cannabinoid, you will enjoy a great variety. The classic CBD products may resemble a slightly bitter powder, but Infinite CBD adds many different ingredients to easily mask it and make it much easier to enjoy. 

As for the nano CBD, it is just plain bitter. There is no way around it. That petite helping of shrunken-particled CBD goodness is, by far,  the quickest and most fluid method to use to achieve your goals, but as far as the human palate is concerned… it takes a little getting used to. The good news is you’ll need to consume the nano CBD in such small increments that the bitter gets better fast, and you hardly even notice that it’s there.

The best news is that however you prefer to take your CBD, Infinite CBD will work to make certain that all of their products help people arrive at the same finish line with a happier, easier, and more fulfilling life no matter what type or size of Infinite CBD product is preferred.

About Infinite CBD

Infinite CBD is dedicated to providing the purest CBD products on the market today. With in-house chemists formulating the products and a single-source CBD supply, Infinite creates quality and consistent products to help you in your journey to improving your quality of life. All products offer third-party lab results to validate their consistency and purity. Their industry-leading refinement process produces impressive CBD isolate, bringing customers luxury CBD at affordable pricing. Infinite CBD offers vegan options for plant-based customers, but the Leaping Bunny Certification guarantees a cruelty-free product selection to all. 

Made with 99%+ CBD isolate, found in 1,000+ wholesale locations, having improved the quality of life for over 45,000 households in America, and coming in highly recommended by 96% of product users, Infinite CBD can speak for itself.

Infinite CBD is here to create a cannabis revolution.





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  3. This stuff is truly incredible. My dosage is so low and it works faster than any medicine I’ve ever put in my body. Just start with a low dosage and work up if you don’t use CBD a ton… if you start high, your body will feel overloaded and you will no receive the desired or intended effect.

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