Ryan Brucato: Why Socially and Environmentally Focused Companies Deserve Our Investment


Giving Back Via Environmentally Conscious Investments

Through his venture capital fund, EMBR Capital, Ryan Brucato has made it a mission to create sustainable expansion by molding to the times. With plenty of experience fostering private ventures and grow-stage public ventures, Brucato has the expertise to take a mature look at investments today and determine if/how target opportunities will also improve the health of the world. One of the ways that EMBR Capital supports this vision is through ESG investments.

What Are ESG Investments?

An ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investment is a socially responsible one that is both sustainable and ethical. While it still maintains the original intention of investments to grow one’s wealth and financial reach, it serves the double purpose of pouring social responsibility back into the world. While many green companies form the backbone of ESG investments, numerous other companies can also fall under this broad header. For example, companies that practice smart conservation techniques, manage their toxic emissions wisely, embrace certain training and regulatory certifications, protect their workers using compassionate labor laws or work to comply with governmental environmental regulations would all fall into this category.

A Full Commitment to ESG Criteria

Not only must the target company embrace these practices, but it must also work with suppliers, contractors and others who support this mission as well. Although it is nearly impossible to check the sustainable and environmentally sound boxes in every category, a company that is fully committed to ESG criteria should create the most changes possible on a practical level. Besides their commitments to environmentally sound practices, these companies must also prove to create a great return on investment.

The Many Benefits of Focusing on ESG Investments

When there are so many investments to choose from these days, an ESG investment must typically offer a more compelling proposition over other long-proven options. Today, the number of people who are conscious of social and environmental concerns are looking for new ways to support what is most important to them. By investing in these companies, individuals not only can show where their values reside but also can help ESG companies stay in business and expand their reach.

When ESG investments came on the scene well over a decade ago, they were seen as quite risky. However, these investments are often safe and diverse today. In fact, many investors point to a company’s stance on ESG as being a pivotal factor in determining the company’s overall financial security.

EMBR’s Unwavering Support of ESG Investments

Ryan Brucato and EMBR Capital remain advocated towards ESG investments. When reached for comment, Brucato said “I believe that ESG investments offer a critical option for giving back to the world and local communities. ESG opportunities support future growth in many sectors and provide critical relief to those areas that are often underfunded and forgotten.” It is clear that although many investors still focus on shareholder benefits over environmental impact, increasing numbers of people are in search for both; realizing that their money needs to reflect their personal values.

The Focus on ESG Investments Must Start Now

ESG investments do not have to be confusing or thorny. Instead, you must know enough about the company to recognize how your money will be used. When you do this, you can feel confident that you are using your money wisely both for your financial health and your belief system.

One of EMBR Capital’s core beliefs is that we must try to give back through smart investments into environmentally-conscious companies. Brucato commented further, “We can create a real difference over time as we support workplaces that aim for social and environmental changes.” Whether companies have created a niche business model around reducing toxic emissions or fighting against abusive workplaces, we can help them make these changes by investing.

What Does the Future Hold?

  • Our earth’s future will be safer, happier and healthier when we can all support companies that back ESG criteria. As more exciting ESG businesses arise, EMBR Capital will continue to weigh models and investment opportunities accordingly with residual hopes in furthering the ESG movement.

About Ryan Brucato

Ryan Brucato’s background is largely entrepreneurial. In early 2009, he founded the management consulting firm, RB Milestone Group LLC, and currently sits on its Advisory Board. He has been responsible for starting numerous private ventures throughout his career and has advised hundreds of public and private companies globally. He has a deep-rooted proficiency in international trade, corporate finance and M&A.

In 2012, Ryan Brucato founded what is now EMBR Capital LLC, a single-member family office and venture capital fund based in Greenwich, CT, USA. EMBR partners with exceptional founders and management teams with unique insights, through all phases of growth. Mr. Brucato has a passion for international business and aligns much of EMBR’s fund allocations with entrepreneurs and management teams that echo the same mindset.

Since 2017, he has completed over 80 EMBR investments into over 50 companies that operate on 6 continents. Mr. Brucato has directed much of EMBR’s investments into companies focused on: cannabis; diversified natural resources; healthcare; renewable energy; technology and telecommunications.

He is also dedicated to funding socially and environmentally impactful businesses worldwide. Over the years, he has been noted in many leading publications, including: Fox Business, Gold & Minerals Gazette, Bloomberg, HazMat Magazine, Resource Investing News, The Financial Review and BusinessWeek. Mr. Brucato resides in Greenwich, CT with his wife and two sons. He enjoys spending time with family, regularly attending local CrossFit classes, participating in triathlons and skiing.

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