Sinclair is the 2020 Recipient of An Award For Achievement in Local Broadcasting

The Prestigious Local Broadcasting Award

Sinclair Broadcast Group

The Sinclair Broadcast Group has been honored with the Local Broadcasting Achievement Award from Interactive TV Today. This annual award is presented for interactive leadership in multiplatform television as a way to celebrate local broadcasting achievements. As a subsidiary of Sinclair Broadcast, ONE Media 3.0 has been honored for advances made regarding research, development, and deployment. Sinclair’s NextGenTV is a subsidiary of the Sinclair Broadcast Group as well.

The focus of Sinclair NextGenTV is finding solutions for business and technical challenges for new standards. among their many achievements, ONE Media 3.0 has received recognition for the market and station distribution of Sinclair NextGenTV standards, developing the platform resulting in the best use of data delivery, advancements in developing the Broadcast App, single frequency networks, reception services, and the execution of advanced emergency informing and alerts.

The award also encompasses work ONE Media conducted on designs for the phone and chip, leading the way in broadband and broadcast cloud services and developing the Radio Head micro broadcast.

Rob Weisbord

Rob Weisbord holds the title of Broadcast President of Sinclair Broadcast Group. During his statement, Weisbord mentioned the prestigious nature of the annual TV of Tomorrow awards for both the television and broadcast industry. He stated he was honored to receive recognition from the community of the TV of Tomorrow. Weisbord spoke of when NextGen TV first began and said he was proud of the excellent work performed by the team at Sinclair Broadcast Group to make it a reality.

During the early days, the ATSC committee meetings were attended by the NextGen TV engineers resulting in the formation of important partnerships as time passed. These partnerships made it possible for essential pieces of technology to be developed for the entire industry. The ATSC stations are currently launching at a fast pace. The latest NextGenTV stations are scheduled to launch in Salt Lake City and Pittsburgh in June. One week later, another launch will take place in Nashville.

Additional launches have been planned for the remainder of 2020 with 18 new markets expected to launch throughout 2021. During the yearly TV of Tomorrow Show which took place on September 10th, the prestigious award was presented. The official website for the TV of Tomorrow Your text to link… has a complete listing of all of the award winners.

ONE Media 3.0

One Media 3.0 is located in Hunt Valley, Maryland. The company was created by the Sinclair Broadcast Group as a subsidiary. The goal was the creation and global release of the Next Generation Broadcast Platform. This would help ensure competitiveness among all broadcasters for every platform in the delivery of enhanced services for both data and video. The result is a wireless internet protocol platform capable of significantly enhancing broadcasting over the air.

The platform provides numerous data services with a large set of new tools. The standard expectation for NextGen technology is the delivery of linear, traditional programming for television created for exceptional robustness. This was accomplished with the use of various technologies including gap fillers and single-frequency networks. Improved indoor reception is provided by the broadcast signals. This is the first time in broadcast TV history where mobile and portable devices have reception.

At the same time, the platform for NextGen provides broadcasters with incredible opportunities to enable non-television distribution of data for efficient architecture leverage. The architecture was created for compatibility and alignment with the future’s 5G technology. The platform enables unique geographical programming for zoning, data services, targeted advertising, and supporting the expansion of new services available for broadcasters.

This includes IoT or the Internet of Things, automotive services, and enhanced notifications for emergencies. International partners and ONE Media are working together for the creation of the first global broadcasting market. For this type of broadcasting to be consumer-ready and possible was even beyond Sinclair’s leadership’s wildest media imaginations. 

Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.

The Sinclair Broadcast Group is classified as a diversified media group. The company is also the leading provider of local news and sports across the United States. The Sinclair Group operates or owns regional sports network brands for 23 US regions, and provides, operates, or owns services for 89 markets and altogether providing 191 television stations to their viewing audiences. Sinclair is also the leading provider of local news throughout the country including television stations with affiliations to the major broadcasting networks and the owner of numerous national networks.

The content created by and for Sinclair networks or local affiliates is delivered through numerous platforms including digital and video multi-channel program distributors. 
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